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The Exchange

For several months I have been working on a book concerning Kabbalistic Astrology. This page is temporarily being used to share project notes and diagrams that I'm currently working on. Feel free to give me feedback!

I apologize for the lack of explanations and formal presentation of this material. This is just my brainstorming outlet, the diagrams are composites of my research findings and my own postulations. The research is built upon a large number of classical works spanning almost 3,000 years, and time has not allowed me to produce supporting bibliographies (if I had to Id still be typing!). My theories rely upon the synthesis and harmonization of these classical works. As I cannot produce this at this time and I hope that the format and color code sequencing actually make the concepts accessible. In film classes I was taught to watch my video clips without sound and see if the presentation was sensible without words; hopefully I can get the same benefit releasing these diagrams before their commentary. I hope my work here will prove to be more than just pretty fluff to you, the reader.

My approach is to apply all the rules of Traditional Orthodox Judaism in my interpretation and conform to the methodology of Classical Rabbinic literature. I utilize Hebrew to introduce new terms and when I feel it is significant. Interpretation was not possible without detailed review of the Hebrew and Aramaic (as Aramaic is the predominant language used). Translations have proven to most often be ambiguous and many times reinterpreted in a self-serving manner. Though most often needed literature has never been translated. Being forced to translate myself has undoubtedly resulted in my use of terminology that is unique or unfamiliar; though I have made every attempt to use popular terminology used in Jewish and mystical circles if they are simple and sensible, otherwise I employ new terms drawn from our modern English vernacular. Besides, I'd rather be lazy and not have to write a lousy glossary!


The Three Mother Letters

The Three Modes of Conduct in the Universe [PDF]

The Mother Letters א , מ , and ש represent three primordial elements, three points of 3-D space, and three modes of conduct. Their sequence is right, left and then center; which is the natural order of reading in Hebrew (right-to-left), and then below/center which is a mixture of the previous two.

It is essential that one understand the principals of this paradigm, as all concepts derived from the Sefer Yitzerah, the Zohar, the Kuzari, the teachings of the Arizal (Rabbi Isaac Luria, the Ari), the GR"A (The Gaon of Vilna) and Chassidut hang upon this scheme.

One should pay special attention to the concepts of a three elements, three season, 3-D, and three mode world view. The basis simply rests upon the kabbalistic understanding of Earth (and its aspects) as a composite of the three primordial elements, not an independent and exclusive element.

אבי"א - The Four Worlds [PDF]

Diagram showing the Four Worlds, correspondence to the 4-Letter Name, elements, cardinal directions, sefirot, etc. Below are diagrams showing the

1) Etz Chaim Tree of Life matrix that shows which sefirot are considered positive and negative, it also utilizes shading for elemental breakdowns both vertically and horizontally to indicate overlaps of elemental influence;

2) the zodiac wheel to indicate correspondence to signs, planets, seasons, etc.;

3) a diagram to show how the four worlds are divided within the seafront.

Kabbalistic Astrological Correspondence for Lunar Calendar [PDF]

A correspondence matrix of sun sign/month related information based on the Hebrew calendar and Kabbalistic cosmology based on the teachings of the Arizal and the GR"A (The Gaon of Vilna).

Special attention is given to the Tribal associations (which is a basis of personality and spatial associations in other aspects) specifically as the rectify the erroneous associations generally presented by heremeticists, and anyone named Berg. :)

Sidewheel Style Kabbalistic Astrological Correspondence for Lunar Calendar [PDF]

Much of the same general information presented in the chart above, however it is laid out according to the boxed shape of the Sidereal Zodiac (which is still used in many eastern circles, especially Hindu/Vedic (Indian) astrology.

This is a natural chart, meaning it is an example of a perfectly balanced chart that assumes Ascendant and House I correspond to Aires 0 and ending at Pisces 30. Please note that East is designated at the top, as was the custom of pre-Renissance map cartography.

Special attention is given to the houses corresponding to the accepted (western) four season points and their relation to the Solstices and Equinoxes.

Tribal Blessings - The Biblical text of the Tribal blessings, using our old friend "Rabbi Artscroll." :)

The text is provided here to offer some background to the topic of tribal association. Also, the blessings are also traditionally used to describe a form of fortune for each sign. This practice is based on the understanding of the tribes (the 12 tribes of Israel, grandsons of Abraham) as the true (infact original) mazal associated with the signs of the zodiac and not animals.


Basic Structure of the Esser Sefirot D'Yosher, the Order of the Upright Sefirot; the Etz Chaim [PDF]

Please note that the names Zeir Anpin, Imma, Abba, etc. are names that are used interchange in Kabbalistic literature for the worlds/sefirot they correspond to. They are personifications for these modes intended to help one memorize them and their relationship to one another.

The color coding also shows relationships that have often been ignored. I can't wait to complete the commentary on this!

The Sequential Order of Emmination Through the Etz Chaim [PDF]

This displays the path of the Divine Influence flowing down the Etz Chaim into the world. The three elements are shown once again as three pillars, and the principal of emmination (and even emotion) starting starting at right (Chesed) and then flows left, then center. As energy passes as though through a circuit it descends down the multiple levels of the Etz Chaim it always starts its descent again at the right (Chesed). The only exception is the path from Keter (utter transcendence, called the Or Ain Sof or the Infinite Light) to Chochmah; implying the prime mover's first movement into the real of existence comes through Wisdom ("The beginning of wisdom is fear of Hashem" - Psalms 1:1) and from a place of Chesed (ש, right).

For each sefirah there is a small description of its essential nature and relation to each other.

עץ חיים (Etz Chaim) - And Astrological Correspondence [PDF, 5 pages]

These diagrams were created for a section I'm currently working on, demonstrating my belief that the Etz Chaim is intended to explicitly show the central nature of Astrology to Kabbalah. I have been struggling with making this piece concise and clear; which isn't an easy thing to do. However, once again I believe to the diagrams are pretty self explanatory for the informed student of Kabbalah.

There are also two diagrams at the end which are completely original. These images display the concepts and elements I've employed to familiar diagrams. Hopefully they show the congruency of my methodology and "bring order to this madness." :)

So I guess stay tuned.... and wish me luck on writing this piece.

The Kabbalistic Zodiac Wheel - Rectified according to the teachings of the Ari”zal and the GR”A [PDF]

And after all that, we get back to the main topic of Astrology. Now we can now see Kabbalah move out of the realm of the hidden esoteric and into the common art of astrology.

Along with the commentary I will also release many more images to accompany this showing less obvious aspects.

Diagram of Cubed Space and the Mazalot (Zodiac) of the Sefer Yitzera (GR"A/Ari) [PDF]

This is a concept that has been hashed out by Jewish and Non-Jewish commentators for centuries and perplexed some of the greatest minds. This single topic has produced more pet doctrines, admittance of confusion and literature than just about any Kabbalistic concept.

A hint to solving this problem of this intellectual "rubix-cube" lie in:

  • Application of spatial/seasonal directions according to Talmudic methodology
  • Applying the order according to the orientation of the layout of the camps of the 12 Tribes of Israel in the Desert and their entrance into the Land of Israel. (Pssst.... Yehudah is east. Pass it on... )

This one almost appears to be a rabbinic attempt to play bigfun on the curious. Kabbalah was considered limited to the most elite of Talmudic students. To those who did not have a strong grounding in Talmudic learning (which is heftier that most sets of the encyclopedia, presented in furious debate, and tends to not tell you what the "right answer" is). I swear it was invented to amuse some Rabbi somewhere as he watches his curious students go scavenger hunting through the Talmud.

Seven Moving Heavenly Bodies [PDF]

This chart is based on planetary rulers. It details the zodiac sign, cardinal directions and esoteric directions, sefirah, position in cubed space, and numeric values of each planet and sign (based on their corresponding Hebrew Letter/Numeral).

This chart also shows the characteristics for each planet according to the Sefer Yitzerah. There are two characteristics for each planet, one being positive and one negative. For example, the Sun rules over Leo and receives two characteristics, and Mars rules over Aires and Scorpio with both of these zodiac signs sharing two characteristics.

© 2005 Samuel Gonzales, Mazalot Judaica